Resources for Educators

The shared resources were developed in partnership with colleagues and Canadian organizations.

Design Thinking

Graphic design: Le Centre franco
Research and writing: Janelle Fournier and Tricia Poulin in collaboration with the Centre franco and STAO support team

This image depicts the Design Thinking approach. To learn more about the approach, activities that can be conducted in the classroom and questions you can ask students, please refer to the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario (STAO) website. This resource was created with science courses in mind.

Please note that this resource is only offered in French.

Universal Design for Learning + Design Thinking

The matrix presented allows for reflection on each step of the Design Thinking approach and the possible barriers that students might face while undertaking them. Then educators can select from the menu presented, how they can remove certain or all barriers.

Once again, this resource is only offered in French and can be accessed through STAO’s website.

Graphic design: Le Centre franco
Research and writing: Tricia Poulin and Janelle Fournier in collaboration with the Centre franco and STAO support team

Designing a Brighter Future

A snapshot of the educational resources developed during the fellowship with Ingenium.

Desiging a Brighter Future is a series of four educational resources that use an authentic problem, that of the energy crisis, to engage students in STEM learning.

As described on the Women in STEM website (where the resources are hosted), “emphasis is placed on the contributions of a diversity of engineers and scientists to emphasize that all passionate people (regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or socio-economic status) can pursue studies and careers in STEM” (Fournier, 2021).

I had the pleasure of creating these resources in partnership with Ingenium, through the Gender, Science and Technology Graduate Fellowship.

Resources created by other organizations

Parité sciences

Parité sciences has created an educational toolkit that offers solutions to spark interest and build confidence in female students for a career choice in science. The document is copyright free, so it can be used, adapted and transformed!