Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

When it comes to equity, diversity and inclusion, I have a few references that I highly recommend. You may notice that my resources focus on gender, as this is an area that interests me.

Gender Identity Glossary

This first resource is a glossary of terms associated with gender identity. The definitions are easy to understand and quite helpful when you need a refresher. It was prepared by the Government Translation Service, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. If you are like me and are fully bilingual, this resource will be valuable as it is both in French and in English.

LGBTQ2+ Tool Kit

The second resource is an LGBTQ2+ toolkit. It is very useful for learning about different pronouns, what intersectionality is, if you want to host an event and have name tags that allow attendees to share their pronouns and use the bathroom they are most comfortable with. This resource has a lot to offer and I encourage you to check it out.

Gender: Your Guide

If you get a chance to examine the following book, I highly suggest it. Gender: Your Guide by Dr. Lee Airton. Whether you are new to gender as a spectrum or have looked into it, this book is for you. It helps with knowing what to say, what to do, how to act. Dr. Airton even provides discussion guides for teachers, staff and administrators in K-12 schools on their website based on the book. If you’re a student, you may want to check out the discussion guide for writers, editors and journalists. And if you fall under non of these categories, there’s a discussion guide for you too!

The Genderbread Person

To better understand gender identity, but also gender expression and sex assigned at birth, I would like to introduce you to the genderbread person!

Taken from: www.genderbread.org

Guide on Gender Diversity in Schools

The Government of Quebec has published a guide for educational institutions: Improved understanding and practices for sexual and gender diversity in schools.